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Delegates and Attendees

Global Symposium events have been specifically designed to help attendees develop their audience and build networking, create brand awareness, drive more productive and strategic business outcomes.


– Find inspiration and fresh ideas.

We’re bringing luminary speakers from marketing and beyond to inspire you and help you infuse new ideas into your business.

– Learn from the experts.

Global Symposium sessions are taught by top leaders from top companies around the world. This is your opportunity to learn from their years of real-world experience.

– Put yourself ahead of the pack.

Time invested at Global Symposium will pay dividends to you today as you gain valuable knowledge and skills. Our program focuses on emerging trends and solutions to give you the advantage. Put your business on the cutting-edge.

– Network with other bright minds.

Discuss the latest industry trends with speakers and experts. Talk with your peers to learn how they get the most from their strategies. At Global Symposium, there are plenty of opportunities to make connections at meetings, brainstorming sessions, and daily social events.

– World-class content governed by daily issues.

– Great advice, incredible value-for-money.

To hire a consultant to get the same insight you’d find at Global Symposium would cost you a lot; the conference fee is a snip in comparison. What’s more, register for our early bird discount and you’ll save a further 20% on the registration price.

– Continual learning is the best way to advance your career.

Do you want to lead change or be led by it? Staying on the cutting-edge means better opportunities for career advancement and personal fulfillment. But it also requires learning about new opportunities and challenges.

– Conference held in the best place.

We know spending time out of the office is a big deal, which is why we chose the best locations for our events – a place that seamlessly mixes business with pleasure.

To find out more about attending at our events or to book your place, please call

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